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Web Hosting Automation Made Easy. All the tools you need to start a web hosting business today.

Let WHMCS automate your business
Simplify and automate daily tasks and operations with the #1 choice in Web Hosting Automation. Save Time WHMCS takes care of automating things so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and money.

FEATURE-1453 - Provide admin user attribution in credit log entries
FEATURE-1636 - Blend admin theme refresh - many updates and improvements
FEATURE-2004 - Implement email delivery service: SparkPost
FEATURE-2294 - Implement support for email delivery services
FEATURE-2300 - Implement email delivery service: MailGun
FEATURE-2302 - Implement email delivery service: SendGrid
FEATURE-2320 - Implement Email Campaign Tool/Improvements to Mass Mail
FEATURE-2323 - Improvements to IDN Support
Also known as: CORE-10435
FEATURE-2338 - Implement user-based access and management for client accounts
FEATURE-2360 - Implement SEO Friendly URLs for Shopping Cart Product Groups

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